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#4P22 AshVac Cleaning Tool Kit

#4P22 AshVac Cleaning Tool Kit

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# 4P22 - A stove that is cleaned will last longer and burn more efficient than a stove that goes untouched for many hours. The AshVac Cleaning Tool Kit includes important tools that are used to clean in and around your stove. Crevice Tool- The crevice tool is used to clean any tight spaces or troughs. Brush Tool- The Brush Tool is a horse hair brush that is used to clean any scratchable surfaces around your stove like the stove base, sides, decorative brick, glass. Sometimes on pellet stoves or stoves with a glass window, the glass will get a smokey from burning inside. Pellet stove hose and accessories - This hose and the included accessories are small enough to fit into the smallest nooks and crannies of a pellet stove, corn stove, or any other stove that has little pockets where ash can collect. 

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